Smart Homes - Loxone 3D House

Automation systems should make your life easier, not more complex. With virtually unlimited options the challenge is deciding just where to begin.

You can start small, like a media room, or go big with whole house automation.

State of the art technology will make controlling everything from lighting, heating, cooling, blinds, audio visual devices through to CCTV and door entry systems simple and effortless.

Select a pre-programmed setting or set as the mood takes, be it in the home cinema setting, dinner party ambience or sleep time, control everything, anytime, anywhere with ease from a control panel or a device of your choice.

Loxone Smart Home Silver Partner

Working alongside our partners at Loxone we help provide you with a real Smart Home. Whether you are building, extending or renovating, we have both wired and wireless solutions for you to choose from. We design, build and programme our Smart Homes to your specification.

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